We are proud to present you are newest Minecraft Mod: CraftThings !!! 

Do you want to decorate things in your survival world  with Grass Blocks or diamond ores, then this is the mod you need. With this mod, you can craft ores, grass blocks, mycelium, ice and even circle stone.

When you install this mod, you can craft following items and blocks:

Grass Block, diamond ore, coal ore, lapiz lazuli ore, redstone ore, emerald ore, iron nuggets, iron rings, chain armor, circle stone, ice, mycelium, cobweb, mossy cobblestone and sponge.


For more information about this mod and the crafting recipes, click here


If you want more items in this mod, please sent a request and I will try to add it.

download 1.3.2

download 1.3.1

download 1.2.5