Coloured Stone

Ever wanted to make fantastic creations in minecraft with different colours? But when you use wool, it burns too quikly....
Then you should try this mod!
This mod adds different colours of stone to minecraft that are minable and usable just like normal stone!
Just like stone, the coloured stones are also findable as cobble when you mine them and you can also make coloured ovens with it!

You can even make coloured pressure plates!
use dyes for colouring your stones!


>>Download for client 1.2.5! (v4) (You need modloaderMP!)

>>Download for server 1.2.5! (v4) (Server needs modloaderMP!)

>>Download for 1.2.5! (v4)


>>Downoad for client 1.2.5! (v3) (You need modloaderMP!)

>>Download for server 1.2.5! (v3) (Server needs modloaderMP!)

>>Download for 1.2.5! (v3)

>>Download for 1.2.5! (v2)

>>Download for 1.2.4!

>>Download for 1.2.3!


Full release page, click here!






You need modloader!
For client:

-Install and download the modloaderMP version if you are going to play it SMP!
-Place the files that you downloaded in your minecraft.jar.
-Run minecraft.
-Make a new world.
-Enjoy! Posted Image
(if you get an error, send me an error report please)

For server:
-Install modloaderMP for server.
-Place the files that you downloaded in your minecraft_server.jar
-Create a new world before running your server
-Run your server



v4 [1.2.5]

Added a new Colour: Yellow

Added Yellow Blocks

Added Yellow Cobblestone

Added Yellow Presureplates

Added recipe for Yellow Stone and Cobble using yellow dye

Added Coloured Hoe's

Added Coloured Swords

Added Coloured Shovels

Added recipe for Coloured Hoe's

Added recipe for Coloured Swords

Added recipe for Coloured Shovels

v3 [1.2.5]
Added Coloured Pickaxes
Added Coloured Axes
Added recipe for Coloured Pickaxes
Added recipe for Coloured Axes
v2 [1.2.5]
Added recipe for Black Stone and Cobble using Inksac
Added recipe for Red Stone and Cobble using Red Dye
Added recipe for Blue Stone and Cobble using Lapis Lazuli
Reduced generation of Coloured Stones
v1 [1.2.5]
Updated to 1.2.5!
Added Coloured Pressure Plates
v1 [1.2.4]:
Updated to 1.2.4!
Planned to make 3 versions...
v1 [1.2.3]:
v0.4 [1.2.3]:
Added Blue Stone
Added Blue Cobble
Beta release!
v0.3 [1.2.3]:
Added Red Stone
Added Black Cobble
Added Red Cobble
Improved Everything!
Added Furnace Compatibility for Coloured cobble
Removed crafting recipe Black Stone
v0.2 [1.2.3]:
Improved Black Stone
Added generation of stones
v0.1 [1.2.3]:
Added first block, Black Stone!
Added crafting recipe Black Stone (for testing)


Creative Commons Licentie
Coloured Stone is in licentie gegeven volgens een Creative Commons Naamsvermelding-NietCommercieel-GelijkDelen 3.0 Unported licentie.